Hello and thank you for taking an interest in my work. I am a self-taught photographer, starting in high school, with some guidance from others along the way. By investing a great deal of time, money, and film my skills as a photographer have certainly improved over the years, but I am always  looking for ways to evolve further.

I made the transition to digital when some of the first SLR's came out with the purchase of a Nikon D-100, and as technology advanced, so did my collection of cameras (Visa & Mastercard sent me monthly thank you notes). Now, I primarily use the Nikon D-300 & D3, paired with NX2 editing software (no Photoshop).

I consider Virginia Beach my hometown and have lived here most of my life. Being located near Oceana, provides many unique subjects to photograph such as jets like the F-18’s and F-14’s.  I can still remember pre-9/11 days photographing take offs and landings at an observation park.

My photography portfolio includes many different types of photography because I appreciate the different qualities of each. For instance, with nature photos what you see is what you get, and nature doesn’t care what it’s hair looks like. I also love shooting  motocross and atv riders especially since I ride myself. One of my favorite types of photography though is model photography. I have had the opportunity to work with  some great people and really enjoy the creative process.

For me, I believe it is true that photography is "recording a memory".  This is my one true passion and I cannot express the joy I feel when someone laughs or even cries at one of my photos, knowing I have done my job right.

I would like to thank all of my family and friends that have encouraged me over the years to do this. I am glad I decided to take the plunge towards a professional photography career.

Hoping you enjoy the photos and thanking you for your support,

Glenn Hart Jr.